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11 11 2015 - Home Cookin'

So we're back home in Canada! Man, that 6-week European album release tour was a killer, but man, it was worth it... 28 concerts in 9 different countries, this was the biggest Euro tour we've ever done.

Some of the highlights: a packed-like-sardines sold-out show at the mythical New Morning in Paris, where legends like Prince, Bob Dylan and Richie Havens stood before us; a moving concert at the Jazz Cafe in London, where our bari saxophonist Ray Murray was reunited with long-lost family from Jamaica; a ruckusy show at the ultra-hip Yaam in Berlin, which also doubled as a refugee centre, where over a hundred Syrians were let in for free, and got down to the Souljazz with local fans...

We also played live on Radio France International for about 40 million listeners (no joke!), as well as En Lefko, the hippest radio station in Greece, where we were also interviewed by Mrs. Kafka, the host of the 2004 Athens Olympics... Pierre even deejayed on Radio Nova in Paris every day for a week, dropping the mad tropical badness for an unsuspecting French public.

If you wanna hear some more tour stories, check out our Facebook page and scroll down, we kinda kept a diary going on the road.

So now we take on Canada! Our Canadian "Resistance" Album Release Tour takes us to Ottawa/Gatineau, Hamilton, Toronto, Québec and Montréal in the next little while, don't sleep! For more info on shows and tickets, see our "Shows" page.

Oh, Resistance is still #1 on the earshot! International charts in Canada, it's been holding the top spot for over 12 weeks now, it's some kinda record! Thanks to everyone that's been supporting us back here in Canada!

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01 10 2015 - Top Of The World

Whoa! #1 in the US, #1 in Canada!

Our new album Resistance just slipped into the #1 spot on the CMJ New World charts in the USA, and it's been holding steady at #1 on the earshot International charts in Canada for the last 6 weeks now. They even put us on the cover of this week's CMJ New Music Report, man...

Y'know, we've been together 13 years as a band, put out 7 albums now, and that's never happened... Our deepest gratitude to everyone supporting the Souljazz Orchestra.

So what do we do now that things are goin' well in North America? We take off for Europe! (Canadian tour starts in November, we'll be back!)

If you haven't bought your tickets for the upcoming shows yet, now's the time! Ticket info's on our "Shows" page.

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26 09 2015 - 33 Revolutions Per Minute

The vinyls just came in! Ah man, they look and sound amazing... The sleeve's printed on this rough unfinished cardboard, really brings out the rootsy quality of the artwork, and there's even a CD included inside the sleeve along with the LP.

And the sound! Ah, the vinyl cut was specially prepared by a guy called Peter Beckmann at Technologyworks Mastering in the UK, from unlimited masters of the album - wow - hate to say it, but to our ears these really do sound better than the digital version, and lightyears ahead of the streaming stuff...

We're about to take off on our massive international tour, if you don't have your tickets, now's the time to get em! If you go to the "Shows" section of our website, you'll find ticket links and show details.

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04 09 2015 - It's Out!

The wait is over, our new album Resistance comes out today online and in better records stores! Now there's been a slight delay at the vinyl factory, so it's only available in CD and digital format for now, but don't worry, the vinyl LP is coming!

Our Resistance international album release tour has just been finalized too... Man, it's huge! 32 concerts across 10 different countries, all in the span of 2 months. If you go to the "Shows" section of our website, you'll find details on the concerts, along with ticket links. Better get them now if you can, a lot of these are gonna sell out fast.

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30 08 2015 - Courage

Wax Poetics just premiered the video for our new single, "Courage". This one fuses heavy raw French Caribbean Compas and Cadence rhythms with full-on big-band style arrangements, and we shot the whole video during our last show in Montréal, showcasing Carifête, the Jazzfest, the Tam-Tams, and all sorts of stuff happening round the Mtl downtown... Chauffez!

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11 08 2015 - Bull's Eye

So we've got something else for ya... PopMatters just premiered another new track from our upcoming album Resistance, a super-heavy Afro cut called "Bull's Eye", you might have heard it on Gilles Peterson's show recently.

Inspired by the Occupy movement, the bull in the tune refers to the Charging Bull on Wall Street, the iconic symbol of unbridled capitalism... The lyrics tell the rest of the story. It's up on YouTube right now, check it out.

Oh, you can even download the track for free.

Hey, and for what it's worth, we just found out Resistance is already #1 on the International charts for indie radio in Canada!

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15 07 2015 - Shock & Awe

Aw right, so we just released the first video from our upcoming album Resistance! The track is called "Shock And Awe", a righteous, manic Coupé-Décalé joint celebrating people power with ruckus. (If you don't know Coupé-Décalé music, it's a dope style of electronic dance music that came out of the Ivory Coast and the Ivoirian community of Paris recently enough, and it's now taking the rest of the world by storm. Mind you, we kinda flip the genre around, and do it in our own raw, rugged, organic way, on traditional instruments - but we keep the fiyah!) So the new video's up on YouTube right now, check it out!

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23 06 2015 - Resistance

Man, do we have news for you! The Souljazz Orchestra is droppin' a brand new album, called Resistance, this coming September, continuing our collab with UK-based Strut Records and Canada-based Do Right! Music. And ooh boy, this one's cookin' - maybe our baddest, heaviest, most dancefloor-driven album ever.

Now we were inspired by a lot of the fresh sounds comin' out of the discothèques of Francophone Africa (Coupé-Décalé, Zouglou, Ndombolo) and the French Caribbean (Zouk, Compas, Cadence), so you'll hear some of those vibes mixed in with the raw Afro, Soul and Jazz that we're known for... It makes for a really interesting sound overall - definitely phonky, but in a different, not-so-obvious way, y'know?

Lyrically, in the wake of the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, and the Ferguson Riots (to only name a few), we wanted to express the deep sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo that we're feeling within the people and within ourselves - it's obvious there's a real thirst for social justice and positive political change throughout the world today. The songs tackle some of the issues we're presently facing, but with a hopeful look to the future.

The album comes out September 4th 2015, followed by a major new international release tour, throughout Europe and Canada, from late-September all the way to early-December. Stay tuned for details!

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13 06 2015 - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Ah! Gotta love the summertime... Some wicked Canadian festivals comin' up too: we'll be rockin' the vintage tall ships at the All Ships Festival near the harbour in Brockville on June 19th, stirrin' up spirits at the Skeleton Park Festival in Kingston on June 20th, playin' the wickedest doubleheader in Montreal since the Expos left town, on July 4th & 5th, for the world-famous Montreal Jazz Festival, followed by a home-game in O-Town for the Ottawa Bluesfest (just before Mr. Kanye West no less!), then we'll be whippin' the athletes into shape at the Pan-American Games in Toronto on July 18th, before takin' a bit of a break and representin' at the All-Canadian Jazz Festival in Port Hope on September 12th.

Now for those of you in the rest of the world, don't fret, we've got big things comin' up in the fall... Stay tuned!

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04 01 2015 - Props

Whoa... Turns out we ended up "#1 International Album of 2014" on the !earshot radio charts in Canada, and "#2 Jazz Album of 2014" as well! We finished pretty high up on the CMJ radio charts for the US too, both in the jazz and world categories, among some fine company (Chick Corea, Gregory Porter, Robert Glasper, Quantic, Seun Kuti, Tinariwen, Ziggy Marley, Tony Allen...)

AllMusic, one of the top music guides on the Interwebs, chose us as one of their "Favourite Jazz Albums of 2014", and we were also in the top picks of tastemakers like DJ Patrick Forge in London and DJ Jeremy Sole in Los Angeles...

Man, we made lists from Kansas to Moscow, weird to see how this little album spread... One funny thing, no one seems to really agree on what category we should be in - jazz, world, soul/r&b... And really, that's fine by us - who cares what folks call it, as long as they're listening, y'know? You can see the whole list of year-end kudos on our "Reviews" page.

We'll be celebrating with a few nice Canadian shows: we'll be at Le Petit Chicago in old Hull on Saturday, January 10th, then we'll be doing back-to-back shows at The Garrison in Toronto on Friday January 23rd, and at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton on Saturday January 24th. See ya there!

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14 10 2014 - Vinyl No Go Die

Hey, so good news... Do Right! Music will be reissuing our earlier albums Freedom No Go Die and Manifesto on wax, specifically remastered for 180g high quality vinyl. Man, these have been out of print for years. We supervised the remastering ourselves, ah, what a difference... Tons more clear, punchy, and crisp. These are coming out around November 17th, but Do Right's taking pre-orders right now, and the first 50 pre-orders also get a free copy of the "Parasite" 7" single!

To celebrate, we're havin' a mad Vinyl Reissue Bash at Babylon in Ottawa this Saturday, October 18th. We'll be joined by The Goods Soundsystem, featuring DJs Andy Williams and Scott C, two of the top selectors in the biz. Don't sleep!

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For more info, see the complete schedule.

Sep 26 - Ottawa, ON - Babylon Nightclub
Oct 03 - Lausanne, CH - Holy Groove Festival
Oct 04 - London, UK - Jazz Cafe
Oct 05 - Zurich, CH - Moods
Oct 08 - Beauvais, FR - L'Ouvre-Boîte
Oct 09 - Sannois, FR - EMB
Oct 10 - Rennes, FR - Ubu
Oct 11 - Laval, FR - 6PAR4
Oct 13 - Paris, FR - New Morning
Oct 14 - Massy, FR - Paul B
Oct 15 - Lyon, FR - Marché Gare
Oct 16 - Montpellier, FR - Rockstore
Oct 17 - Chalon-sur-Saône, FR - La Péniche
Oct 19 - Bristol, UK - The Lantern
Oct 20 - Liverpool, UK - The Kazimier
Oct 22 - Milan, IT - Biko Club
Oct 23 - Barcelona, SP - Say It Loud
Oct 24 - Madrid, SP - Sala Clamores
Oct 25 - Berlin, DE - Yaam
Oct 27 - Bochum, DE - Bahnhof Langendreer
Oct 29 - Cologne, DE - Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
Oct 30 - Pfarrkirchen, DE - Club Bogaloo
Oct 31 - Offenbach, DE - Hafen 2
Nov 03 - Vienna, AT - Andino
Nov 04 - Prague, CZ - AghaRTA
Nov 05 - Athens, GR - GazARTE
Nov 07 - Marseille, FR - Cabaret Aléatoire
Nov 14 - Gatineau, QC - Le Petit Chicago
Nov 20 - Hamilton, ON - This Ain't Hollywood
Nov 21 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
Nov 27 - Québec, QC - Le Cercle
Nov 28 - Montréal, QC - La Sala Rossa

For more info, see the complete schedule.

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